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Russia's Wild Sea:

How These Russian Nomads Have Adapted to the Cold

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»Only the Toughest

How These Russian Nomads Have Adapted to the Cold

Short | 03:00

In the northern edge of the Sea of Okhotsk, the indigenous Koryaks have adapted to a nomadic life in the crippling cold. They?ve done it by taming an animal that?s built for these conditions: the reindeer.


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    Dec 24
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More About This episode

East of Moscow is a sea of mystery and contrast where liquid fire and frozen waters coexist. Take a bracing plunge into the Sea of Okhotsk and discover how its creatures battle to stay alive, thanks to their ingenious adaptations. From the fearsome hunting styles of the orca to the unique thousand-year relationship between nomadic reindeer and indigenous Koryaks, this is a yearlong examination of a world where only the toughest survive.

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